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Andreia Monteiro

Fields of Expertise

  • Education



Languages spoken

Portuguese, English, and Spanish

Contact details

E-mail: andreia.monteiro@mentortec.eu
Phone: +351229396350
Address: Centro de Inovação de Matosinhos, Rua Dr. Afonso Cordeiro, 877, Sala 201, Matosinhos, 4450-007, Portugal

Expert's Background

Andreia Monteiro has a University Degree in Psychology, specializations in adult education and training, in gender equality and in enterprises’ management. Andreia has more than 15 years of experience in the field of education & training and entrepreneurship and local development, namely by: participating in initiatives and projects focused on the design and development of tools and strategies fostering the innovation and quality improvement in these fields and designing and promoting specialised training to different professionals of the educational, training and entrepreneurship fields (e.g. training managers, trainers/teachers, tutors, counsellors, mentors and consultants). In 2014 Andreia started to work as project manager in European projects of Mentortec in the fields of vocational education and training, school education and adult education addressing challenges such as: prevention and dealing with early school leaving; acquisition and development of key-competences (e.g. entrepreneurial, digital and soft skills); promotion of the learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in primary school; prevention and dealing with bullying; promotion of intergenerational learning in small and medium enterprises and recognition, validation and certification of competences of workers from small and medium enterprises.