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Meet LEA at the following events

Due to the current pandemic, all LEA events are now online. Join our free LEA-N webinar series "Procuring Resilient Education Technology" to meet experts, ask your questions and hear about new solutions.

All LEA-N webinar events (April-June 2020)

Webinar 19: 15 April 2020

Topic: Tales from teachers – how has or could technology help in this current crisis?
Experts: Rossella Bernascone, Vice Headmaster and English Teacher at the Volta school in Turin & Isabella Calvagna, City of Turin

Webinar 20: 29 April 2020

Topic: Know the market – what learntech is currently available, and how effective is it?
Expert: Jari Laru, Educational Technologist in a Faculty of Education, University of Oulu. (TBC)

Webinar 21: 13 May 2020

Topic: Innovation procurement – how can I buy more effective learntech in the future?
Expert: Sonia Dominguez / Isabela Capella Munar, Municipality of Viladecans (TBC) & Ellinor Wallin, EUPK, coordinator of former IMAILE project

Webinar 22: 27 May 2020

Topic: Innovation procurement - your questions answered
Expert: Sara Bedin, European Innovation Procurement Expert (TBC)

Webinar 23: 10 June 2020

Topic: Find future funding – how to find partners and apply for future learntech projects
Expert: Ellinor Wallin, EUPK & Philipp Schüßler, Researcher Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg (TBC)

Past events

Time Event Location
February 2020 LEA webinar 18: "Edtech innovation testbed model in UK" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
November 2019 Slush Finland
November 2019 Online Educa Germany
October 2019 LEA webinar 16: "Computational Thinking in Schools" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
October 2019 EcoProcura The Netherlands
October 2019 European Week of Regions Belgium
September 2019 Dare to learn Finland
September 2019 LEA webinar 16: "Open Market Consultation Methodology" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
September 2019 Nordic Edge Norway
July 2019 Edulearn19 Spain
June 2019 ET2020 Working Group, Digital Education: Learning, Teaching and Assessment PLA#2 Slovenia
June 2019 LEA webinar 15: "TechClass - Teacher's story on Learning Environment Creation Based on Users' Needs" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
June 2019 LEA webinar 14: "Changing the assessment culture in schools through analytics" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
May 2019 LEA webinar 13: "AI in Education" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
May 2019 Eventbright - the power of procurement
April 2019 LEA webinar 12: "Virtual Reality Innovation by VRLab" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
March 2019 Educate to Create Bulgaria
March 2019 ITK paivät 2019 Finland
March 2019 LEA webinar 11: "Information on how to use the Procurement Forum" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
March 2019 INTED 2019 Spain
February 2019 Learning Technologies UK
February 2019 LEA webinar 10: "LEA school lab experiences" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
February 2019 LEA webinar 9: "What is a Prior Information Notice?" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
January 2019 BETT UK
January 2019 LEA Global Think Tank, BETT show London UK
January 2019 LEA webinar 8: "Special edition on LEA @BETT 2019" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
January 2019 LEA webinar 7: "Towards Easy Virtual Reality Content Creation" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
December 2018 Online Educa Germany
December 2018 ICT 2018 Austria
December 2018 LEA webinar 6: "Understanding the legal aspects of joined vs. coordinated innovation procurement " www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
December 2018 Slush Finland
November 2018 Festival dell’Educazione Italy
November 2018 LEA webinar 5: "Professional competences required to utilize innovative technologies" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
November 2018 LEA webinar 4: "Suppliers’ experience of PCP - Case Almerin" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
November 2018 ICERI 2018 Spain
October 2018 Swedish Edtech Sweden
October 2018 LEA webinar 3: "Understanding the needs of the Demand: Municipalities & Schools" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
October 2018 European Week of Regions Belgium
October 2018 LEA webinar 2: "Learntech 2018: AI, VR, robotics" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
October 2018 EcoProcura The Netherlands
September 2018 Nordic Edtech Awards Norway
September 2018 LEA webinar 1: "What is innovation procurement?" www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars
September 2018 Dare to Learn Finland
September 2018 EC-TEL UK
May 2018 Swedish Edtech industry Sweden
April 2018 ITK Days Finland