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Support for Suppliers


Are you selling learning technology products or services? Looking for customers and/or a test bed or channels for marketing your service? Are you looking to expand your Learning Technology business to a new European country?

Suppliers are given the opportunity to enable end user interaction early in the process in order to achieve an increased opportunity for a more customised system development. The supplier stakeholder group for learning technology includes small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), start-ups as well as market leaders.


  • Access to needs, test environments and the market.
  • Early engagement of end users.
  • User-driven methodology and a go-to-market approach.
  • Dialogue with customers during the development process.


Find useful resources for suppliers in the field of learning technology

Webinars of interest for Suppliers

Webinar 1: 19 September 2018

Topic: What is innovation procurement?
Experts: Ellinor Wallin (EU Projekt Konsult) and Kati Clements (JYU)

Webinar 2: 03 October 2018

Topic: Learntech 2018: AI, VR, robotics
Experts: Seinäjoki City Counsillor Mikko Muilu and Oulu City Counsillor Dr. Jari Laru

Webinar 4: Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Topic: Suppliers’ experience of PCP – Case Almerin
Expert: Teemu Laitinen

Webinar 7: Wednesday, 09 January 2019

Topic: Towards Easy Virtual Reality Content Creation
Expert: Jarmo Tanskanen / Visumo corporation

Webinar 8: Live from BETT – Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Topic: Special edition on LEA @BETT 2019
Esperts: Kati Clements and Mikko Muilu are reporting from the BETT show

Webinar 10: Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Topic: LEA school lab experiences: Sweden, Italy, Finland, Portugal, and Germany.
Experts: R. Ström, I. Calvagna, P. Huuska, A. Direito, P. Schüssler

Webinar 12: Wednesday, 03 April 2019

Topic: Virtual Reality Innovation by VRLab
Expert: Jens Richling (VRLab Academy, Vellberg/Germany)

Webinar 15: 19 June 2019

Topic: TechClass – Teacher’s story on Learning Environment Creation Based on Users’ Needs
Expert: Farhad Eftekhari, TechClass

Webinar 16: 18 September 2019

Topic: Open Market Consultation Methodology
Expert: Niklas Tideklev

Reports of interest for Suppliers

Guidelines and recommendations to attract funding for upcoming PPI/PCP calls 

LEA D2.2 Funding_report_final_M23.pdf

Description of the necessary ICT infrastructure required in classrooms to successfully introduce and use PLEs

LEA D3.4 Framework for Technical Infrastructure and Needs Workshop Methodologies.pdf

Report on the state of the art in learning technology, based on eight company case studies and the stage of innovation reached by their PLEs

LEA D4.1 State of Art analysis_final.pdf

Report recommending tools for increasing dialogue and defragmentation of public demand. In addition, a dialogue process model involving all key stakeholders of the innovative procurement is presented

LEA D4.2 Recommendations_on_Digital_tools_final.pdf

An overview of guidelines, recommendations, strategies and methodologies on how to do open market consultation

LEA D6.4 Open Market Consultation Final.pdf

Innovations to design personalized learning environments for STEM education of the future?
Kati Clements, Ellinor Wallin.

Accelerating learning technologies deveopment with innovative procurement.
Sonia Dominguez.

Needs analysis for ICT in teaching and learning.
Philipp Schüßler, Rita Freudenberg, Marcus Roehming, Henry Herper.

Are we currently moving from the age of mobilism to the age of artificial intelligence, learning analytics and robotics? How to couple emergent technology with learning and teaching?
Jari Laru.