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Support for Learn Tech Experts


Are you a Learning Technology expert? Procurement processes need experts who can understand both technology and customers. Join our experts database.

Experts act as an intermediary between suppliers and schools, assisting the dialogue between supply and demand in the learn tech procurement process. They provide a beyond-user experience perspective on innovations and take this perspective to quality assure EU policy alignment. While doing so, they add benefits for member states of the PCP investment. One of the main purposes of the LEA project is to assist consortiums to apply for funding in the learn tech procurement area. A variety of technological expertise is needed to assist this dialogue.


  • Help envision the future of Learn tech 2030: participate in our open market consultation workshops and global think tanks.
  • Find out about future market needs.
  • Connect with a network of procurers supported by other stakeholders.
  • Contacts for collaboration, data collection, joined research.
  • LEA forms scientific evaluation panels for learning analytics, the use of AI in PLEs, and future technologies (VR, AR, MR, IoT, robotics etc.)
  • Short-term (one- or two-day) consulting jobs are available.


Find useful resources for Learn Tech Experts

Webinars of interest for Learn Tech Experts

Webinar 1: 19 September 2018

Topic: What is innovation procurement?
Experts: Ellinor Wallin (EU Projekt Konsult) and Kati Clements (JYU)

Webinar 7: Wednesday, 09 January 2019

Topic: Towards Easy Virtual Reality Content Creation
Expert: Jarmo Tanskanen / Visumo corporation

Webinar 8: Live from BETT – Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Topic: Special edition on LEA @BETT 2019
Esperts: Kati Clements and Mikko Muilu are reporting from the BETT show

Webinar 13: 22 May 2019 – more information

Topic: AI in Education. How can we resize Robots and keep humans in the loop […]
Expert: Fabrizio Cardinali

Webinar 14: 05 June 2019

Topic: Changing the assessment culture in schools through analytics
Expert: Markus Packalen, Qridi

Webinar 16: 18 September 2019

Topic: Open Market Consultation Methodology
Expert: Niklas Tideklev