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LEA Publications

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Innovation Procurement: An analysis and discussion towards an innovative educational system.
A. Costa, T. Moreira, S. Bedin, M. Coto, J. Soares

Schools Went Online Over One Weekend: Opportunities and Challenges for Online Education Related to the COVID-19 Crisis.
Mäkelä, Tiina; Mehtälä, Saana; Clements, Kati; Seppä, Jenna (2020). In Proceedings of EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2020. Waynesville: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), 77-85.

AI, Robotics, VR - How to make cost effective and sustainable procurement decisions for future technologies in municipalities and schools.
Kati Clements, Markku Lang, Pieta Sikström, Mikko Muilu.

Understanding the innovation procurement: tools to steer the market towards innovative solutions for education.
Sara Bedin, Marta Coto, Tânia Moreira.

To different procurement partners: Ciladecans, Spain, and Konnevesi, Finland - similar visions of digital learning.
Paula Huuska, Sonia Dominguez.

Innovations to design personalized learning environments for STEM education of the future?
Kati Clements, Ellinor Wallin.

Accelerating learning technologies deveopment with innovative procurement.
Sonia Dominguez.

Needs analysis for ICT in teaching and learning.
Philipp Schüßler, Rita Freudenberg, Marcus Roehming, Henry Herper.

Are we currently moving from the age of mobilism to the age of artificial intelligence, learning analytics and robotics? How to couple emergent technology with learning and teaching?
Jari Laru.

Innovation Procurement in the Education Sector
A comparative analysis with recent PCP/PPI from other sectors,June 2020:

LEA PCP_PPI_Analysis_Brochure.pdf