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H2020 PCP proposal in brief

  • Project proposal submitted in EU funded H2020-call (ICT-34-2018-2019) with an overall budget of 6M€ (4,2M€ on PCP investment) in the education technology R&D sector.

This proposal includes nine partners from Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Greece, including four procurers (Portugal, Spain, Finland and Greece) willing to support the learning of the future in European classrooms with a creative content supported by innovative technology.

Overall challenge: Develop innovative learning technology to meet an increased demand for teaching and learning transversal skills


  • August 2019: the release of evaluation results
  • January 2020: intended H2020 PCP Kick-off (dependent on acceptance)



Further information: coordinator@learntechaccelerator.org +358505631805

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