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Swedish Innovation Week


The National Agency for Public Procurement in Sweden has launched Swedish Innovation Week to showcase innovation in the public sector on a national level with several events all over Sweden during one week.

Ellinor Wallin, representing LEA (and IMAILE), was invited to speak in Ystad (in the south of Sweden) on the 2nd of October 2019 in an event called "From innovation to reality in a municipality"

The event had more than 50 participants representing mostly the public sector with procurement staff from several municipalities, and LEA got to present its vision and lessons learned on innovation procurement in education.

Ellinor Wallin summarized 3 keys to success:

  • Collaboration and teambuilding to share and transfer knowledge
  • “Call a friend” and find out what has been done previously, re – use templates material etc
  • Apply for additional public funding (50 -50) for sharing of risks

The event was successful and several organisations decided to join LEA Network of procurers for future collaboration in innovation processes involving their schools.

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