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LEA exchanges its experience at Nordic Edge


On Wednesday 26th September, a number of experts and forerunner cities in the fields of innovative and sustainable procurement gathered together at Nordic Edge, Stavanger, to share and learn about the latest developments in the field of innovation procurement.

One of the experts speaking at the Innovation Procurement Exchange was Ellinor Wallin of the LEA project, who shared IMALE and LEA’s important experience of meeting end-users needs through co-creation, and spoke of the importance of increasing awareness and capacity for innovation procurement in the education sector. She added: “The education sector might be small in comparison to other areas of public spend, but it’s very important, and is an area where innovation procurement can make a real difference“.

As well as discussing needs assessment, the session also exchanged ideas and experience on innovation competence building, brokerage services and combining purchasing power. The winners of the Procura+ Awards also shared the secrets of their successful innovation and sustainable procurements.

The following day, LEA also had a chance to visit the KnowHow Edtech conference taking place as part of Nordic Edge, and discover exciting initiatives from the Nordic region. As one speaker - Gaming Pedagogue John Arne Gaard Nilsen from the Revheim Secondry School summed up - “the future is here, we need to adapt”.

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