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LEA Webinar Series – update



LEA Webinars talk about innovation procurement in the learning technology field. The first webinar session took place on 19 September 2018 and, until now, the LEA team has organised six webinars with the following topics:

  1. What is innovation procurement
  2. Learntech 2018: AI, VR, Robotics
  3. Understanding the needs of the Demand: Municipalities & Schools
  4. Suppliers’ experience of PCP – Case Almerin
  5. Professional competencies required to utilize innovative technologies
  6. Understanding the legal aspects of joined vs. coordinated innovation procurement

The latest webinar session was held on 12 December 2018. In this webinar, Marta Coto and Sara Bedin talked about the legal aspects of joined vs. coordinated innovation procurement, answering questions such as: what types of collaboration is possible within the innovation procurement area? What is the legal basis for co-ordinated and joint procurement? What are the advantages in joint procurement? Can joint procurement change the market structure and pricing? Is there legal restriction of competition? What are the barriers of joined and coordinated procurement approaches? Cross-border procurement consequences vs. national legislation issues?

The next webinar session will be held on 9 January 2019, 10:30am CET.

NEW: From 2019, the LEA webinars will be hosted on ZOOM - you can attend for free by joining here: https://zoom.us/meeting/709280345.

If you miss a webinar session, please access the following link to rewatch all webinar recordings: www.learntechaccelerator.org/webinars

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