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Konnevesi school lab

The Lapunmäki school comprises three different levels of schooling: primary, secondary and upper secondary, which means that the school has students from age 6 (pre-schoolers) up to age 19 (upper secondary seniors) all under the same roof. They also share teaching premises and staff. The new school building (opened in 2016) is well-equipped with modern technology. In fact, every classroom at the Lapunmäki school can act as a school lab.

The strengths of the Lapunmäki school are the exceptionally good technology equipment for teaching and learning. Each classroom has a big touchscreen TV that can be accessed wirelessly with Coalesce Blackbox. The whole school is equipped with a fast and wireless internet connection. The students have Surface laptops and iPads in everyday use and a big part of teaching is done via electronic teaching and learning materials, such as the Peda.net learning environment and the SanomaPro, Otava and e-oppi digital books/materials. Every student, teacher and staff member has an Office 365 account. High school students get a free laptop for the duration of their studies.

Classes can also be recorded or even streamed live across the world with the HD lecture recording system that can be found in three classrooms. The Lapunmäki school also has a media room that includes, for example, a green screen and a VR headset. Robotics and programming are a part of education and the school is equipped with UBtech Alpha 1 robots, BeeBots, BlueBots and Lego Mindstorm EV 3 robots.

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