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How to EduLab?

The guide deliverable on “Impact on Learning Analytics and Methodology for living labs” is now available for all of LEA partners. Starting from the LEA framework, it aims to present the experience of EDULAB, a Living Lab on education launched by the City of Turin. The guide is composed by six different sections, in order to make clear every steps of EDULAB. After a brief introduction and a focus on methodology, the report introduces the broad strategy of innovation in which EDULAB is one of the main pillars: Torino City Lab. It is an initiative-platform aimed at creating simplified conditions for companies interested in conducting tests of solutions for urban living. Furthermore, the guide presents the EDULAB Call, pointing out how it has embraced the LEA strategy, a guidelines to apply EDULAB and some suggestions for LEA partners.

Additionally, the deliverable provides a detailed list of technical infrastructures needed for an educational living lab. Eventually, there is described the network and the current challenges of Torino City Lab, in order to open new chance of collaboration with LEA partners. To sum up, there are presented the main lessons learnt from the EDULAB experience. All the partners committed in education are recommended to be open, compliant, clear, ready, participative, engaging, measurable and last but not the least: creative. At the end, a practical section on EDULAB is provided, with specific annexes on the rules of participation, the request of participation, the questions for the form on line, the grid for evaluation, agreement, the questionnaire. They could represent useful tools to LEA partners who are starting their own Living Lab on education.

To learn more, please take a look at the document below: "Impact on Learning Analytics and Methodology for living labs"

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