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This section is dedicated for Q&A for innovation procurement projects planned and/or managed by the LEA consortium. In this section, we answer learning technology suppliers’ questions openly. LEA Consortium is aligned with the “Preliminary market consultations”, Publics Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU (Article 20), and to adhere to the principals of openness, transparency, non-discrimination and equal treatment. If you are a supplier requesting information on either:

- PLEASE PPI, find out more
- SEAMLESS PCP, find out more

You can send your questions to: coordinator@learntechaccelerator.org
These questions with answers are listed below openly to serve all suppliers equally.

Questions & Answers

What is LEA?

LEA is Horizon2020 funded Learning Technology Accelerator –project which teaches you about innovation procurement and provides you opportunities to get access to EU funding for learning technologies procurement for your schools or if you are a LT supplier – LEA provides you:

  1. Opportunities to test your products in real classroom environments. Read more here.
  2. Opportunites to reach customers and apply funding through invitations to tender (please check the question below).
  3. If you are a learning technology supplier, you can also do a 10-15minute webinar with the LEA audience. For this opportunity, also email: coordinator@learntechaccelerator.org

LEA is also building a network of learning technology procurers who might want to procure technology together, giving them competitive advantage through better pricing and quality. If you are interested in becoming a LEA Network member – joining is free – you can get the letter of intent by asking from: coordinator@learntechaccelerator.org

Which funding opportunities is LEA network preparing in 2019 for learning technology providers?

The two new innovation procurement proposals, which LEA network has prepared, are called ‘PLEASE’ and ‘SEAMLESS’. In the case of the proposals’ success, PLEASE invitation to tender for innovative personalized learning environments is estimated to open in January 2020, where as SEAMLESS is looking for solutions to increased demand of teaching and measuring transversal skills, estimated to launch invitation to tender in Autumn 2020.

Read more on PLEASE PPI

Read more on SEAMLESS PCP

How can I join the LEA Network? How could I possibly get involved with projects there?

You can become a LEA follower by submitting the online form here: Follow LEA

LEA also provides ‘upgraded LEA Network member status to procurers interested in being involved in the future funding applications of common demand in Europe with LEA-Network. Joining is free – you can get the letter of intent by contacting the LEA team at: coordinator@learntechaccelerator.org

If you are a learning technology supplier, you can also do a 10-15 minute webinar with the LEA audience. For this opportunity, please get in touch with LEA at: coordinator@learntechaccelerator.org

What would be the best way to get an overview?

Reading this Q&A is a good start. Opportunities for LEA stakeholders are listed here.

To get an overview of what innovation procurement is, you can check out our webinar on it on LEA’s YouTube channel. All our LEA webinars provide good insights on the issues that LEA is tackling, find all LEA webinars here.