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Mikko Muilu

Fields of Expertise

  • Pedagogy
  • Education
  • E-learning technologies and methodologies



Languages spoken

Finnish, English, a little Swedish

Contact details

E-mail: mikko.muilu@gmail.com
Phone: +358405085318
Address: Joukahaisensola 1 B 12, Seinajoki, 60120, Finland

Expert's Background

I'm a biotech engineer and I also have masters in biotech. I worked in science (edible vaccines, cardiovascular diseases and campylobacteria) for almost ten years. After that I changed my career towards teaching STEM-subjects to students aged 13-20. Right now I'm working and studying in University of Jyväskylä. My current studies and work are about education, gamifying teaching and studying, and also teaching algorithmic thinking for pupils in preliminary school.