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Interest Group on
Innovation Procurement for Universities

The current crisis has caused a major shift to online distance learning, affecting classrooms and lecture halls around the world. What can institutions of higher education do to be better prepared in the future? How can technology support and enhance learning outcomes for university students? What role can procurement play in ensuring that the technology developed suits students needs?

The LEA Project’s goal is to accelerate knowledge transfer, dialogue and awareness-raising of innovation procurement within the learning technology (learntech) sector. To promote this, the project has developed a Resource Centre for learntech experts, suppliers, procurers and educational institutions, stocked with research reports, best practice cases, and practical guidance on innovation procurement of learning technology.

To further extend the reach of its work, the project is now launching an interest group on Innovation Procurement for Universities, hosted on the Procurement Forum. Participation in this interest group allows procurers to connect, exchange and learn from other procurers from universities across Europe also interested in innovation procurement. By joining, procurers gain access to shared resources and an opportunity to initiate collaboration around this topic.

Together with the interest group, a brochure has been published to selectively showcase reports and guidelines on innovation procurement of learning technology most relevant for universities. The publication covers the state-of-the-art and innovative trends in learntech development and also highlights useful tools for needs assessment and stakeholder dialogue to ensure that solutions developed through innovation procurement are fit for purpose for end users. Guidance from the European Commission on the legal framework and step by step approaches for innovation procurement is also included.

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