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The use of digital teaching and learning platforms in schools

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    The ever-growing number of digital learning platforms is a challenge for the modern-day teacher. These platforms are in use in almost every school and every school subject and each teacher should master their use as well as be motivated to use them up to their full potential. The problem is, that various digital teaching and learning platforms exist, but teachers do not take full advantage of them, because of the shortage of proper skills/education on how to use them or due to pure lack of motivation. The reasons for poor motivation should be examined. Are the educational needs and offered platforms in alignment? Are the current platforms easy to use? Do they take up too much of the teacher’s time? The solution would be to educate teachers on the use of digital learning platforms and to motivate them by presenting their various benefits. It would also be important to tackle the problem of teachers resisting new technology and to find out the reasons behind this. The problem could be tackled by bridging a digital gap between (mentoring) schools.

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