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    This tool helps teachers to create interactive sessions/lectures in video format in an easy way. This tool would be suitable for Flipped Classroom methodology, or online teaching, as during the COVID19 crisis.

    The tool should be an user-friendly platform that allows teachers to create a teaching session in video format including different types of media, for instance, an explanation from the teachers, texts, power points, pictures, videos (from platforms such as youtube) or questions to students, etc. It would allow students to follow the teaching session at any time without the need to arrange online calls.
    This tool should include AI (Artificial Intelligence) which will allow teachers to get information on the student learning process during the video lecture. It should offer feedback related to video tracking statistics based in learning theory: such as how much time has spent the student watching the video, how many times, has he/she answered correctly the questions,etc.

    kati.clements@jyu.fiKati Clements

    Cool! I think this would be very useful.


    I would be interested in the wider explotation of such a technology, for example, its potential to reduce travel emissions and enhance participation in professional training courses

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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