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A virtual classroom for primary students

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    A virtual classroom for primary students is a very big challenge.
    Although virtual classroom works well with university students it’s very challenging for children because of multiple reasons.

    -Child’s cognitive development has special learning needs: social interaction, continuous teacher support
    -Frequent conference calls with more than 20 students requires easy synchronous interaction
    -Children autonomy to work. Parent support is not always possible (lack of knowledge, language problems, lack of time)
    -Class sessions length should be very short and requires frequent visual support, so teachers need a simple and friendly video editing
    -Virtual online whiteboard with all real tools included for real time visual collaboration
    -Learning activities adapted to students progress
    -Carefully designed learning-through-play experiences
    -Fully interactive, allowing easy group work.
    -Child’s information must be securely protected.
    -Technical challenges: slow loading speeds, connectivity.
    -Resources Challenge: to get a computer or tablet for all students

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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