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1) AI for teachers empowerment

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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows machines to see, listen, understand, learn and decide “like” humans. It is a pillar of the Fourth Industrial Revolution we have already enterd and that is already changing our society.

    It is key for teachers of any discipline to appreciate the COMPLEMENTARY strengths of human and artificial intelligence. AI can be a new powerful tool in the hand of educators in order to propose and implement more effetive teaching and learning paths.

    In traditional frontal education, an AI system that measure precisely the interest of each student during the various part of the lesson could be a powerful aid to the teacher in understanding what works and what does not. It should not be seen as a surveillance system but as tool to improve his /her ability to engage students. Going from a qualitative personal feeling to a quantitative and detailed one, can be a huge step forward.

    In a computer aided education a unique possibility is to give personalized and effective learning paths and tests. The teacher’s role should not only provide the final judgment but also give feedback to the machine when it should have taken a different path or reinforce good ones, may be just by voice.

    AI can help teachers in becoming educators and concentrate more on human relations and empathy with each student.

    The desired solution is aimed at assisting teachers in evaluating the reactions to their lesson measuring analytically the general degree of interest alongside the transcript and extract insights from correlations between students peaks and valleys of engagement and lesson topics. Students can be grouped accordingly to their reactions.


    It seems a promising challenge

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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