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What is LEA?

LEA is Horizon2020 funded Learning Technology Accelerator –project which teaches you about innovation procurement and provides you opportunities to get access to EU funding for learning technologies procurement for your schools or if you are a LT supplier – LEA provides you:

  1. Opportunities to test your products in real classroom environments. Read more here.
  2. Opportunites to reach customers and apply funding through invitations to tender (please check the question below).
  3. If you are a learning technology supplier, you can also do a 10-15minute webinar with the LEA audience. For this opportunity, also email: coordinator@learntechaccelerator.org

LEA is also building a network of learning technology procurers who might want to procure technology together, giving them competitive advantage through better pricing and quality. If you are interested in becoming a LEA Network member – joining is free – you can get the letter of intent by asking from: coordinator@learntechaccelerator.org

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