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Innovation procurement

What are PCP and PPI? What are the steps to do innovation procurement in learning technologies?


Videos and Webinars

Webinar 1: 19 September 2018

Topic: What is innovation procurement?
Experts: Ellinor Wallin (EU Projekt Konsult) and Kati Clements (JYU)

Webinar 4: Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Topic: Suppliers’ experience of PCP - Case Almerin
Expert: Teemu Laitinen

Webinar 6: Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Topic: Understanding the legal aspects of joined vs.
coordinated innovation procurement
Experts: Marta Coto and Sara Bedin

Webinar 9: Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Topic: What is a PIN?
Experts: Ellinor Wallin (EUPK) and Kati Clements (JYU)

Webinar 16: 18 September 2019

Topic: Open Market Consultation Methodology
Expert: Niklas Tideklev



LEA Reports on this topic

  • Innovation procurement in the education sector
    A comparative analysis with recent PCP/PPI from other sectors June 2020

    LEA_Literature Review_report-brochure_final.pdf

  • Guidelines and recommendations to attract funding for upcoming PPI/PCP calls
    This deliverable describes different places to apply funding for procurement projects in national and EU level in the EU member states.

    LEA D2.2 Funding_report_final_M23.pdf

  • Procurement in Europe
    How does the procurement procedure work in European Union Member states?

    LEA D3.1 Procurement_analysis_final_M5.pdf

  • Report on the state of the art in learning technology, based on eight company case studies and the stage of innovation reached by their PLEs
    In this deliverable, LEA analysed innovative technologies in personalised learning environments as basis to meet procurers’ needs in a PPI.

    LEA D4.1 State of Art analysis_final.pdf

  • A template invitation to tender/request for tenders.
    Designed to be used in a joint PPI

    LEA D5.4 ITT PPI_Final.pdf

  • An overview of guidelines, recommendations, strategies and methodologies on how to do open market consultation
    This report introduces what is Open Market Consultation and what are the steps to do it from prior information notice (PIN) to different forms of dialogue with suppliers through Q&A and request for information (RFI).

    LEA D6.4 Open Market Consultation Final.pdf

School Stories

How to design innovative technologies for schools? What are their needs?
In these webinars and publications schools from all over Europe discuss their needs and challenges for learning technologies.


Videos and Webinars

Webinar 3: 17 October 2018

Topic: Understanding the needs of the Demand: Municipalities & Schools
Experts: I. Capella Munar, S. Dominguez, P. Huuska, H. Sahlberg

Webinar 5: Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Topic: Professional competences required
to utilize innovative technologies
Expert: Rita Freudenberg

Webinar 10: Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Topic: LEA school lab experiences:
Sweden, Italy, Finland, Portugal, and Germany
Experts: R. Ström, I. Calvagna, P. Huuska, A. Direito, P. Schüssler

Webinar 17: 30 October 2019

Topic: Computational Thinking in Schools
Expert: Jan Pawlowski (Hochschule Ruhr West)


LEA Reports on this topic