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Request for Information

LEA Procurers have already collated their views during the LEA Needs analysis and now it’s time to ask suppliers to tell us their view on what is possible, considering:

  • the current state-of-the-art
  • what innovation activity is now required
  • which direction the future PLEASE project should focus Public Procurement of Innovation

This is an opportunity for you to influence our Group of Procurers while we prepare our Technical Specifications for our PPI. Please answer as many questions as you can with concise explanations.

This request for information is part of LEA project’s open market consultation for Personalised Learning Environments which have AI elements in use. By answering this questionnaire, your responses will be included in LEA State-of-the-art analysis and roadmap and considered when preparing new procurement and funding opportunities for suppliers. Read more of LEA Open Market Consultation here: www.learntechaccelerator.org/lea_omc


Answering this survey will take you about 5-10minutes. All information is used anonymously and for LEA project’s research.

Access the survey here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc-Tq7GgpbC6EJ4lqWr3OxKH7qCF7V9VyR-HQpdV3-vaBGv2A/viewform

The Open Market Consultation is explicitly not part of any pre-qualification or selection process in the procurment procedure. Any company may participate in LEA's Open Market Consultation (OMC). Participating in the OMC is free of any engagement and will never lead to any obligation between the group of procurers and your company. (Non) participation by a company will neither exclude this company from future tenders nor will it have any influence on its opportunities.

All data provided by a company will be handled confidentially, unless statutory obligations demand the publication of this data and/or the company agrees with the publication of the provided data.

All ideas submitted by industry will be treated as Commercial in Confidence. No part of these will be made public. However, relevant insights (shared openly by industry during the various OMC events) are subject to publication and may be used by procuring entities to shape future strategies. Information from this market consultation may differ from information provided in a future procurement.