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The LEA project group got together in Halmstad for a consortium meeting and a capacity building seminar.

On June 18 and 19, all LEA partners met in Halmstad, Sweden, for a fruitful two-day event consisting of the project’s second consortium meeting and a capacity building seminar in which the participating organisations expanded their knowledge on PPI, PCP, open market consultation and more.

During the partner meeting, members of the consortium discussed the project’s progress, the work being done and recent project developments. Additionally, important basic ground was covered by introducing and explaining the LEA baseline document which comprehensively sums up the project’s main terminology and its underlying ideas. This document facilitates mutual understanding of project issues and of background knowledge on the topic. A LEA needs analysis workshop was held, addressing current challenges and future perspectives as well as further steps in terms of dissemination and project management.

The project’s first capacity building seminar featured interesting presentations which helped the consortium to gain more in-depth knowledge about the LEA project and its ideas, issues and related topics. Procurement instruments and definitions were discussed, and steps for a PPI preparation and open market consultation were presented. As a keynote speaker, Mr. Tsanidis from the European Commission explained the legal framework and talked about how to manage the PCP-PPI link and coordinated versus joint procurement actions.

The consortium is happy to look back on two days of productive work and some very interesting results which inspired ideas for the future work on the project. Great things will be achieved for learning technology procurement.

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