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Dr. Jari Laru

Fields of Expertise

  • Pedagogy
  • Education
  • Architecture for school infrastructures and spaces
  • E-learning technologies and methodologies



Languages spoken

English, Swedish, Finnish

Contact details

E-mail: jari.laru@oulu.fi
Phone: +358405118478
Address: Pentti Kaiterankatu 1, University of Oulu, 90014, Finland

Expert's Background

Dr. Jari Laru (Ph.D, M.Ed.) works as a University Lecturer (tenured) and Educational Technologist in a Faculty of Education, University of Oulu. He is a member of Learning and Educational Technology Group (LET). He is also entrepreneur in LaruX tmi, which offers in-service teacher training (technology enhanced learning): public speeches, lectures. hands-on workshops etc.

He has done his doctoral thesis "scaffolding learning activities with collaborative scripts and mobile devices" in the context of Doctoral Programme for Multidisciplinary Research on Learning Environments. His current research interests are in the intersection of learning sciences (e.g. self-regulated learning and collaborative learning) and emerging technology (e.g. digital games, social media, VR & AR, modern (digital) learning spaces).

Dr. Laru has had several years a lot of courses related to technology enhanced learning: Pedagogical use of ICT, Digital Media as a learning project, Designing Technology Enhanced Learning II, Open workshop, Programming in primary school etc.

Laru is Experienced Educational Technologist and Designer. He has years of experience for supporting learning and teaching with contemporary digital solutions. He is administrator of Finnish Microsoft Office 365 group on Facebook and has been chairman of the board of pedagogical use of ICT at the university of Oulu.

He is also knowledgeable about learning analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging technologies.

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