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Central Finland Edtech Procurers come together



In the heart of Finland, the Deep Forest itself, in Konnevesi last Friday, on the 16th of November: Procurers from cities like Joensuu, Jyväskylä and Hankasalmi sent their representatives - and learning technology providers sent their counterparts to discuss the Learntech situation in Finland in Autumn 2018.

Dr. Jari Laru from the University of Oulu gave a keynote on future technologies and on what they mean for future teachers. Jari teaches teacher trainees to think big - what are the skills of future teachers? How do we prepare for disruptive technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and robots? How do we teach a generation of teacher trainees who show up with their smart phone glued to their face…? Where will future teaching happen...? Will it be school-controlled environments or are we moving towards WhatsApp, Minecraft and Youtube? How do we address the issues arising from the GDPR policy of the European Union?

The LEA project was the catalyst of this meeting - but what was more important, is that the participants started to envision and discuss their common needs and problems - to contemplate whether there could be a way to use innovation procurement methods to achieve better value for their investment money. Schools and Municipalities in Finland are currently thinking of forming a buyer’s group with a common need to participate in the coming PPI call which LEA project is preparing.

The benefits for procurers to join are great:
- 90% funding for teachers testing the products in the market (for once, teachers do not have do this for free)
- 25% of the costs funded for the selected PLE - for procurers interested in innovative technologies; who would not want 1/4 of their bill paid for them?
- Assistance for searching and applying parallel funding
- Support in the procurement process

The day ended with everyone going home with smiles - and many whispering into the ear of the LEA coordinator: “We are interested in joining.” Maybe you are too? If so, contact us fast: this opportunity is only open until the end of November 🙂

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